Poster Abstracts

These posters were accepted on the basis of 1-page poster abstracts, while the remaining posters (i.e. no link) are published in the full conference proceedings.

4 Brian Stasak, Julien Epps and Aaron Lawson Pathologic Speech and Automatic Analysis for Healthcare Applications (Batteries Not Included?)
9 Thu Vu and Shunichi Ishihara Robustness of Fundamental Frequency under Mobile Phone Transmission for Estimating Likelihood Ratios
12 Grazyna Demenko and Jolanta Bachan Convergence of speaking fundamental frequency in dialogues
15 Georgia A. Johnston and Shunichi Ishihara Forensic Voice Comparison using Long Term Fundamental Frequency in Male Australian English Speakers
21 Juqiang Chen, Catherine T.Best, Mark Antoniou and Benjawan Kasisopa Cross-language categorization of monosyllabic Thai tones by Mandarin and Vietnamese speakers: L1 phonological and phonetic influences
23 Grazyna Demenko Pitch accent movements in expressive speech
25 Nan Xu Rattanasone, Hui Chen, Ivan Yuen and Katherine Demuth Did you hear ‘dark’ or ‘duck’? L2 representations of phonemic vowel length
28 James Grama, Simon Gonzalez and Catherine Travis Phonological conditioning in rotation of short-front vowels in Australian English
30 Laurence Bruggeman, Julien Millasseau, Ivan Yuen and Katherine Demuth The Production of Voicing and Place of Articulation Contrasts by Australian English-Speaking Children
36 Louise Ratko, Michael Proctor and Felicity Cox Spatial and temporal properties of Australian English vowel length
41 Ruiqing Shen Modelling tonal chain shifts in Tonal Acoustic Space
45 Daniel Williams and Paola Escudero Do monolinguals and bilinguals handle phonological distinctiveness and phonological constancy differently? Evidence from cross-accent word recognition
46 Daniel Williams and Paola Escudero Do bilinguals and monolinguals differ in their use of spectral change to perceive vowel categories and socio-indexical information?
51 Kimiko Tsukada and Kaori Idemaru Cross-language Perception of Mandarin Lexical Tones: A Comparison of Native Speakers of American and Australian English with and without Mandarin Learning Experience
55 Hywel Stoakes, Catherine Watson and Peter Keegan Diphthong Mergers in Te Reo Maori
56 Christine Pickersgill, Stephen So and Belinda Schwerin Investigation of DNN Prediction of Power Spectral Envelopes for Speech Coding & ASR